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LookNet offers most of the generic top level domains (gTLDs) - including the new top level domains (ngTLDs), and a lot of ccTLDs (country domains). See below for a complete list.

Most available top level domains can be registered for a period of one to ten years.

You may renew your domain registration at any time. You will be notified by email Before your domain expires, and asked to renew it.

Domain Name Length and Permitted Characters

A domain name can be up to 67 characters long -- including the characters used to identify the Top Level Domain (.net, .com , .org, .info, etc). Do not include "www." before your domain name when registering.

The only valid characters for a domain name are letters, numbers and a hyphen "-", but the domain name can not start with a hyphen. No spaces are permitted. Other special characters like the underscore "_", hash tag "#", or exclamation mark "!" are NOT permitted. The only allowed period "." occurs between the domain name and the TLD suffix.

Valid examples

Invalid Examples